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The Power of Colour!!

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

I look pretty happy in this photograph don't I? Take away the sunny day, blue doors, yellow bag and shoes...oh, and my red lippy (and nails) and it wouldn't be so colourful and I may not be throwing my head back and laughing so much! lol! But I had everything to be happy for... it was a bright, sunny day, I had just started my own business and this was my first photo shoot with the very talented Aisling Magill of @aislingmagillphotography. This particular photo was one of the last to be taken that day and I can't for the life of me remember what made me laugh so hard?! Anyway, I digress! The reason I chose this pic for my first ever blog was because it showed how happy I was and how powerful a pop of colour can be!

Having my "colours done" changed the way I dressed (very neutral in black, navy, get the picture??!) and gave me the confidence of how to wear colour. I would go as far to say that it changed my life! It injected fun, laughter and confidence in my day to day dressing all in one go! One of the best things I have ever done!

Now, just because I have a lot of beautiful colours in my colour wallet, it doesn't mean that I wear them all at once so that I am a walking kaleidoscope every day!! Yikes!! That wouldn't suit my style personality at all because I am more of a classic girl (more on that later!). I choose to wear the colours I am drawn to....I get a feeling of what I need for that particular day.

You may have noticed that I said it "put confidence in my every day dressing", as I see so many people save colour for going on their summer holiday or for a special occasion like a wedding...such a waste!! Colour should be worn every day, don't save it for something special!! It has the power to lift you if you're feeling a bit blue, it can excite you, it can empower you, it can help you look more radiant (and younger!)...the list of positivity goes on and on! I always liken seeing someone in colour as a rainbow after a grey rainy day, it's wonderfully uplifting and always makes me smile! How do you feel when you see a rainbow?

So, if you need to inject a bit of colour confidence to your every day wardrobe please do drop me a message and I will get you booked in for a Colour Consultation so you can rock back out of lockdown feeling positively radiant!

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